The 3 Biggest Technology Trends to Watch in 2015

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Throughout 2014, we’ve seen vast improvements in business technology! 

Big Data this . . . cloud-based that – It won’t be long until our significant others are virtual and mobile-optimized as well!

But what recent technology trends can we expect to see continue to grow into 2015? And what new technologies might appear? 

There are three tech trends that really stand out:

1. Big Data

We can’t talk about big impact without mentioning Big Data! As one of the hot topics of 2014, we can certainly expect big data to stick around and improve in the next year. Look for major progress in predictive and prescriptive analytics and even areas of interest like fraud protection and privacy.

Big data will become easier to analyze and more digestible. We will also need less storage space to hold the data. This will be a saving grace for many companies that have realized the importance of gathering the information but who haven’t quite figured out how to efficiently use and store (or discard) it. It will also allow companies with smaller budgets to get in on the game!

2. Mobile

We can also expect to see even more focus in the mobile realm. Clouds, apps, and increasing mobile capabilities will allow for more flexibility and fewer restrictions in the palm of your hand than ever before. With over 1.2 million apps available for Google and Apple devices, the app market has become more popular than the Rubik’s Cube in the 80’s!

We’ve reached a point where computers are becoming tablets, tablets are becoming phones, phones are becoming computers and Aunt Betty is just confused. But the majority is not confused, and the way we consume material and interact with one another is becoming seamless between devices and we will see major strides from static to mobile technology in 2015.

3. Security

As we venture into more complex territories with mobile devices and cloud-based technologies, there has to be continued adaptation for security measures.

Security is a topic that most of us don’t think about until something goes wrong. But being ahead of the game is essential for developers, manufacturers, and other investors to ensure that the products and services that make our lives so convenient are safe and secure!

BONUS: Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a category that has garnered a lot of attention as of late. In simple terms, IoT is the movement of technology that allows us to connect all “things” to the Internet. It’s been happening for a while now without the title. But look for a more pronounced movement in the near future. Old things. New things. All things will have the potential for Internet compatibility.

Examples of things that might benefit from this are devices in the healthcare industry, equipment for automobiles and homes, and tools in industrial facilities. Increasing connectivity will mean better functionality, improved analyses, and overall better performance from the products we use (even the ones we don’t think about).