Technology Secrets to Build Your Small Business

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You live in a world that offers tons of options. As great as it can be, it can also be overwhelming.

There are some great technology secrets out there that can help you focus more on your clients and less about where your gas receipts are or if your receptionist called a client back.

Here’s a list of some amazing tech solutions for small businesses. Most of these are either FREE or low-cost options; many are even built to scale right alongside your business.

Google Voice


Google Voice is a great alternative to using landline phone systems. Utilize your current mobile phones and connect several people to one work number. Options include voicemail service, text messaging, notifications, and much more.

If you need something more stationary, try a VoIP service like Vonage, which offers internet-based phone and fax services via touch-tone phones at a lower rate than most carriers.

Online Faxing


I’ve found email-based faxing to be extremely convenient! Incoming faxes show up as emails in your inbox.

For RingCentral: Just upload the file, enter [email protected], and send it on its way. It even sends a receipt of whether or not the fax was successfully sent.



Collect money on the go. This is an essential tool for mobile businesses and can be fitting for smaller shops and firms that have simple requirements from their POS system. With an easy & intuitive platform and competitive rates (they’ll establish better rates for those with revenue over $250k/year), it’s hard to deny the excellence that is Square.

Exception: Banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo offer similar solutions as Square, and they have the ability to offer competitive rates as well. Contact a banking representative to get more details – they may be better able to serve your unique needs. If nothing else, you can use Square as a leveraging tool if they start above Square’s rates.



This tool is a great solution for collaborating with coworkers and checking off tasks from your task list. Its cloud-based platform allows users interact with each other projects and assignments. You can even share certain tasks with certain people. It’s perfect for assigning responsibility and tracking implementation.



This popular tool offers document and record management. It’s a great tool for organization and their most useful feature is the text-sensing documentation tool: Take pictures of a document and later search for it using any of the words, numbers, etc. located on that document. There are some “misses” here and there but it’s impressively accurate.

Genius Scan


This tool turns your mobile phone or tablet into a copier. Use the intuitive prompts to snap a picture of your documents to scan and save them, email them, print, and much more!



Zoho is a free CRM suite that allows you to track and analyze interactions with customers from leads to purchases and beyond. With great POS, marketing, and customer service tools, it’s an excellent option for startups and small businesses.

The free version is surprisingly robust and offers flexibility and customization. It’s a nice alternative to Salesforce and other more expensive products.