How To Choose A Registered Agent In Virginia


If you are starting a business entity in Virginia, you need a registered agent who will transact business on your behalf. Choosing the right registered agent is an important task which is why we’ve created these easy-to-follow guidelines for selecting the right person for such an important job. For even more information about Registered Agents,


The 3 Biggest Technology Trends to Watch in 2015

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Throughout 2014, we’ve seen vast improvements in business technology!  Big Data this . . . cloud-based that – It won’t be long until our significant others are virtual and mobile-optimized as well! But what recent technology trends can we expect to see continue to grow into 2015? And what new technologies might appear?  There are three tech trends that


5 Ways to Make Gmail More Professional


If you’re like me, you have multiple personal and business email accounts. Staying on top of them can be a real chore. And when business picks up, it’s even easier for messages and people to fall through the cracks.  Responding to emails late or not at all can be the difference between great business and no