About Tashunka Biz Tech

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Looking for inspiration and education to grow your small business? Our mission at Tashunka Biz Tech is to educate businesses on how to strategically use technology as a tool to grow their businesses. Through our content and events, small business owners and entrepreneurs can compare notes, ask questions, get advice, and learn from each other’s mistakes.

Mission Statement: Small business success through technology.

Tashunka Biz Tech is all about helping “regular” small business owners – those who are not technically savvy – know what technology they need to boost productivity, save time, save money, increase revenue and boost customer service in their business.

Content includes news, articles, discussion boards, resources, analysis & events for the owners of small- to medium-sized businesses.

About Brian Benally
Brian is the Marketing and Technology Evangelist of Tashunka Biz Tech. He is passionate about technology solutions that increase efficiency, save money or increase the revenue of small businesses.