5 Ways to Make Gmail More Professional


If you’re like me, you have multiple personal and business email accounts. Staying on top of them can be a real chore. And when business picks up, it’s even easier for messages and people to fall through the cracks. 

Responding to emails late or not at all can be the difference between great business and no business. But, staying on top of emails is easier said than done.

Many people choose to use Gmail, either thru a domain purchase or thru Google alone. Google has done a fantastic job creating tools and adding options to make Gmail as useful and helpful as possible. Using these tools can help establish a more organized inbox and message management system, and will allow for better response time to the people who matter. 

There are a ton of add-on features that you can employ to create the ultimate email-exchanging machine! The following 5 tools are helpful for almost any type of business email user. 

Mobile Apps for Gmail

There are two Apps that are great for your Gmail account. The first is Google’s own Gmail app. It’s come a long way since it was first launched to create a nice experience that is easy to use and, of course, syncs well with Google’s web-based platforms.

The second app – Mailbox – allows for simplified organization. If you haven’t used Mailbox then you need to check it out as it’s features are intuitive and great for productivity. It even has a feature that helps you “Get To Zero” for those of us who feel overwhelmed by the number of messages in our inboxes. 


This add-on allows you to schedule emails to be sent at later times. So, when you’re up at 2am responding to emails, you can schedule the response you just wrote for 9am instead of waking your clients up in the middle of the night. Boomerang also allows you to archive messages you don’t want to deal with yet and schedule them to reappear at a later date when you’ll have more time – it’s like a snooze button for your email account.


This is an awesome add-on that allows you to see more information about each of your contacts in a cohesive, sidebar profile – right inside your inbox. With so many people emailing these days, this can really be helpful to remember who exactly you’re interacting with. It’s also a great tool to help gauge how people in your circles are interacting socially. 


You’ve probably heard of Dropbox already. It’s an extremely popular file-sharing resource. It integrates well with email and it’s an excellent way to stay in touch with employees and coworkers, business partners, vendors, clients, etc. Dropbox is accessible remotely as well, which makes it very convenient and ideal for people that depend on mobile functionality. 

Canned Responses

Canned responses can be extremely useful for responding quickly to job inquiries, during vacation, or in cases where the same response is always appropriate. The best part is that it’s a built-in option from Google so it’s very easy to configure and use.

BONUS: Undo Send

…Yep. You read correctly. There’s an amazing Gmail feature that allows you to undo sent emails if you decide you shouldn’t have sent them or realize you made a mistake. It’s another feature available in the Google set of tools so it integrates seamlessly with the rest of your settings.